lyupu (lyupu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Intro/In Search of Giant Latios Plush

Hello! I’m glad to finally be a part of this community. As I’ve been lurking for a while. I’m not sure how I should introduce myself but I go by Ly and Me and my bf are huge fans and collectors of Latios and Latias. Here is a photo of some of our favorites in our collection.

I’m also in search of the Giant Latios Tomy Plush and I know they are pretty rare. I’m hoping I could do a payment plan on him if possible. I do want Latias too but I dunno if a long payment plan would be okay. So for now I’m on the hunt for Latios first! If anyone has one for sale and can do payment plan please let me know! And any help would be grateful. Thank you!

Tags: 3rd gen, latias, latios, pokemon
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