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WCT "Real Scale" Detective Pikachu unboxing and review

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted around here~ I've been distracted with life and other interests, but Pokemon is creeping back into the forefront, haha. This is largely due to my excitement for the Detective Pikachu movie!! I know there's mixed feelings going around about it, but I personally can't wait to see it. And, of course, I've been looking forward to picking out "the best" Detective Pika plush <3 I was completely unaware of the guy I'm about to share with you today until about a week ago. I was browsing to see what was available and quickly ordered this new friend off of Target's online shop- I was out of town, and didn't want to risk them being sold out when I got the chance to go to an actual store.

Anyway, he arrived a couple days ago, so let's take a look!!

The box from Target arrived in the late afternoon! Unrelated, but I really like the art on the box. Let's open it up...

Someone yellow and fluffy seems to be inside... !



I instantly fell in love with him T_T <333 The fabric fur is incredibly soft and silky and all of his details are wonderful. The little hat is very well made, the tiny feet are made out of a minky-like material, the plastic eyes and nose are lovely, and his tail has an insert to keep the zig zags nice and crisp. I'm honestly blown away at the quality of this plush- WickedCoolToys really nailed it!!! The ONLY thing that could have made him even better would be a white belly.

Here's a couple quick shots of him compared to other lifesize Pikas. Nothing can compare to the chunk that is the Hasbro Jumbo plush, but I'm really pleased with Detective Pika's proportions- they're a nice in between of OG chubby-chu and modern Pika. He almost makes the Build-a-Bear plush look like a carnival prize by comparison, in terms of quality.

I'd be remiss to not take a picture of him enjoying some coffee, so here he is making himself at home! <3

I seriously cannot understate how fluffy and sweet this plush is. If you collect Pikachu, or are excited for this movie, I hiiiiighly recommend him! I'm considering bringing him to the theater with me when I see the movie, but at the same time, I don't want him to get dirty in public, lol!

Have a great week, everyone :')
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