tamago226 (tamago226) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wtb: Whimsicott merch!

I don't really know why, but I've been bitten by the collecting bug lately - I'm after Whimsicotts!! If you have any please let me know, I'd love to buy the off you (though I can't buy everything at once!). My highest priority is the glittery rare version of the pokedoll pin, pictured below (the normal pin has a beige checkered bg, the one I'm after has the pink, glittery checkered bg):

I also have a Wants List - I've not included more recent releases as I know where I can get them - I'm generally after the older items for now.

Feel free to ask though, if you have a bunch of whimsicott items you are looking to get rid of at once I might be up for it depending on price and condition! Please keep in mind that I prefer mint items - in packaging, with tags, unused. For items other than the pokedoll (I'd like an extra) and the rare pokedoll pin (these only come with cardboard bcking anyway - not sealed in plastic originally), I will not accept anything but mint condition so please be aware of that.

Also for shipping purposes, I live in the UK - but if you absolutely don't ship internationally still talk to me, as I have an address in the states as well that I can use (though I prefer the UK address).

Thanks guys!!
Tags: whimsicott
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