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Goodbye Savings Account. Ultimate Grail Get.

Alright, I think I have reached the peak of my collection.

Back in 2015, I made this post:

There was a Pikabug in my area. Whelp.

Click cut to drain savings account:

Hello, hi, I signed the title for it today.

Let's dive into a story:

This Pikabug I have known to be in my state (Virginia) for sometime. I had tried to track down the owner with no luck. But low and behold, the owner lists it on a Pokemon Facebook group back in November reluctant to sell it. We talked for a bit, never hear from him for a few months. He re-posted it on Thursday saying his original buyer fell through and I'm next on the list to come see it. And he's only an hour away from me! It was a gift from the Pokemon Gods.

So the car:

This is Pika7 of the 10 Pokemon fleet cars owned and used by Nintendo to promote Pokemon in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Now mine is a tad different, as the fleet had the original Pokemon movie logo on the sides, while mine has the Pokemon 3 Movie logo. Turns out it was given away in a Pokemon The Movie 3 Contest hosted by AOL and WB. I suspect when Nintendo was done with it, they went ahead and put on the Movie logo since that was what the contest is for. The link is an article about the winner, I am still having a hard time finding the orginal contest page for it, if anyone has any ideas let me know.

The women owned it for a few years. I have found her and sent her a message. It originally had the Nintendo 64 set up in the back when she got it so curious what she did with it. I was told she kept the orignial Pika7 plates that it came with as a keepsake, which is understandable.

(Nintendo 64 set up)

It is a 1998 New Beetle TDI aka a diesel engine, 67,000 miles. Bonus it is a manual (stick shift)! I was super hype about that because I only drive manuals. Now for the sad part. The guy that bought it off the original winner of it did not take care of it. Inside headliner is missing, smells of wet dog, dog hair and stains all over, interior plastic just overall beat up, it was rear ended at a low speed and did not make a claim on it, etc. He said he wasn't into Pokemon that much, just cool stuff. The tail dry rotted off since it's wood, that happened with pretty much all of them. The ears are surprisingly in good condition. I plan to get both replaced with fiberglass replicas. It does not drive currently, has some undiagnosed issues. It's at the shop now to figure out whats wrong with it. It's suspected they're minor issues.

I am going to make Youtube vlogs of the process of getting it rolling. I made one for picking it up, keep an eye on my Youtube for that video, will get it posted within the next little bit. My goal is to get it going in time for the Pokemon World Championchips in DC in August.
Morep pics to wrap it up, no interior shots as I did not get any, but there's a quick view of it on the video I will upload.

Nintendo paperwork still in the car!

So yeah. I spent way more than what it is worth as just a bug, but I could not pass up on the opportunity, and I am thankful I get to restore such a piece of Pokemon history. Thanks for reading!

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