kinokokoneko (kinokokoneko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS time!

My SSS arrived yesterday and it's SO GOOD!

I'll put the pics under the cut :)

The wrapping paper is very eastery with eggs and chicks and rabbits :D

I picked up the note first that revealed my gifter was finniee !

Under the note was a purple bag full of BUGS! BUUUUUGS!!

I only own a couple of Heracross kid figures but have no other bug kids, so these are a huge boost to my bug collection!

The next one I opened had an applause Ivysaur!

Look at those adorable little fangs! I had no idea applause plush were so small and cute, I love small plush XD

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I opened this and just flailed about making noises for a minute or two XD
It's a dream come true!!! I've wanted a custom Heracross plush since FOREVER! I love him SO MUCH!!!

He's PERFECT!! He's the perfect size and everything, he even has beans in the bottom, BEANS!

Even his back is spot on! Perfection!! Thank you sooo much!!!!!!

The was chocolate in the box too, the mini eggs are already gone :p the white chocolate is sooo dreamy and good.

Even heracross wants it!

GASP! They're stealing my chocolate XD Thank you so much for all the stuff Finniee, I love it all so much!

Thanks for looking folks, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have ^w^
Tags: ariados, cascoon, heracross, illumise, ivysaur, kakuna, ledyba, silcoon, sss, venomoth, volbeat, weedle
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