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Tin GB Update +Detective Pikachu Cards!

Hello everyone!


We won the auction in case anyone was wondering ;)
After the tins arrive at my middle man I will be asking for the first payment so keep your eyes peeled within the next week or two~

Here's the current spreadsheet, please comment with your location so it'll be easier to grab totals!

Currently taking claims on the tins without bids for those who aleady have at least one tin claimed from the original auction; claims for everyone else will be open later <3

clicky797 m14mouse ayumi_ganon foxypuff nerucake yoshineko33 doryphish333 kaneda9 pokecats bellestarrmon

Tins are all $5 each to claim--the more that are claimed the less everyone will have to pay :D

The following tins are up for grabs:

--Small pikachu pokedoll Tin x4
--Small lucario pokedoll Tin x1
--Orange Top Tin
--Pika/Eevee/Piplup Aniv Tin
--Shiny Genesect Tin
--Lilligant Tin
--Xmas Tin
--Pika/Fletchling Tin
--Heart Tin
--Mini Pika+Starters Pokepark Tin
--'M' mudkip tin
--'P' pikahcu tin
--Lenticular Sinnoh Tin
--Strawberry Chocolate tin


In other news I have also updated my sales to include detective pikachu trading cards :D please have a look <3

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