lugiaxawesomee (lugiaxawesomee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member!!

Hi!! Ive been watching this group for so long, but livejournal confuses me so muchh. But honestly i need collecting friends soo :V My names Erin, ive collected pokemon for 12 years, mostly plushies. Im gonna try to post collection pics next week as I cant get good lighting tho lol
My big time grail is the pokecenter giant lugia, i loveeee lugia so much and hes just so pretty. Ive wanted one my whole life and just recently missed out on 2 by narrow margins lol. So if youre selling one soon keep me in mind! XD I really hope i can meet many wonderful people by joining! (Sorry if this gets messed up, i struggle w livejournal so much)
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