nerucake (nerucake) wrote in pkmncollectors,

US Middleman Request + Terrarium Custom

Hey everyone! <3 I'm still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my SSS, but in the meantime I was wondering if someone from the US would be willing to order one of the A Day With Pikachu: Blooming Curiousity figures for me when they go up on the PC? I wish these were available here but of course Pokemon loves that exclusivity.. ;u; Shipping would be to Australia!

Also just to spice this post up a bit, I wanted to share the edit I made to my Pidgeot+Pikachu Terrarium! I changed the Pikachu into a Helioptile of course <3 Pretty happy with how it turned out! More photos if you're interested under the cut. c:

Unfortunately Helioptile fell over while baking and one of his frills fell off, I had to super glue it back on - thus a little visible crack. Oh well! I'm still really happy with how he turned out! Also - did anyone else notice blurry tops to the terrariums this time around? I bought a full box and the acrylic is kind of distorted on all of them. :c Not a super big deal but it isn't like that for the others I have from different sets, just curious to see if they downgraded quality or something?

Hope everyone's having a great day! <3

Tags: helioptile, wants
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