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Drawing and ACEO Commissions!

Hello guys!

Since I feel a lot like drawing at the moment, I thought to myself, why not open up some commissions after a long time? :)


I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/j_ule/
All pkmncollectors rules apply.
Please note that me living in Europe might mean I might take longer to reply due to time zone differences.
I have pet rats but they don't come in direct contact with the stuff, however, the paper and supplies are in the same room.
Please note that what you see on your computer are scans or photographs and do not 100% reflect what the actual drawing looks like. Also remember that a drawing is a handmade product and most of the examples are older pictures. Since I am reopening commissions after a long time, the drawings might or in fact will most likely look a little different from the examples, but I promise equally as good! So please keep that in mind when you commission.
Payments in USD via paypal.
I ship internationally. Shipping is $2 for one or a few ACEO cards and might be up to around $4.50 but only for DINA4 drawings. Note: These prices include a small percentage of material costs.
I will open slots one after the other and see how many I can take on a case-to-case basis.
Commissions are taken or may also be declined on a case-to-case basis and through communication. I will show you a sketch of the drawing before finishing the final version.
You pay AFTER the commission has been finished.
Since you do _not_ pay in advance, I reserve myself the option to "back out" of a commission during the communication process in case I find I don't have enough time to finish it or it is too complicated for me to finish - I will let you know as soon as possible in case a drawing can't be done.
Depending on how many people ask for commissions, finishing a commission may take two weeks or so from the time that I first start working on it (not meaning talking to you about a possible commission in the first place but actually starting on it).


* ACEO card with up to two Pokemon
  - ink $10
  - pencil $8
  - color (watercolor or colored pencil) $15

* DinA5-DinA4 drawing in ink or pencil

  - starting at $15 for ink
  - starting at $12 for pencil

Here are examples of what the three variants, ink, pencil, and colored (either colored pencil or watercolor) might look like in the end!

1) Pencil will look sketch-like an something like this:

2) Ink drawings will look something like this:

3) Colored may look something like this (pencil)

(photo by pachirichu)

or watercolor:

Note: The watercolor picture is very old! If I do a picture in watercolor, I would prefer a little less clean and more sketchy style, something similar to this (http://shop.dominicbeyeler.com/produkt/limited-arptrint-sujet-8/ meaning the colors not necessarily matching exactly the lines exactly, and less clean transitiions between shading or colors. Due to me having to keep the example image secret due to my SSS partner, if you want an example image, please ask for it in the comments, and I will send a link to it.

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