teamcapumon (teamcapumon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Odd question - LF PMD merch (and specific seller/item)

Hey all!

So I hope questions like this are allowed - please let me know if it isn't! - but something's been bugging me.

I stalk this community pretty regularly and I always like to check out what sales posts are offering even though I don't buy things very often.  For...probably over a month (sorry I don't have a good sense of time!!) I was watching a seller who had a TTO Jakks Pacific PMD Piplup plush for sale.  I'm not very good at memorizing usernames apparently, even though I had a few guesses to who it might've been.  I'd already spent my money on plushies for the month so I unfortunately didn't have any extra funds, and was planning to buy it if it was still around once I did get the money.

But for the life of me, I can't remember who posted the journal and I can't find the sale anywhere.  I scrolled through pages of the PKMNCollector's community, clicking on every sales post and sales bump, I even checked the comments on a few of the sales I thought it might've been on, but I couldn't find anyone buying the piplup.  The plush was in a group picture and I don't think everything else had sold, plus I can't seem to find the exact same background in any of the sales pictures which I think is weird.  I feel like I've hallucinated the whole thing given how good of a price the plush was for PMD merch (like to clarify, I was broke cause I'm still in school and I don't actually have a job lol, the price was perfectly reasonable and I kind of expected the plush to be gone before I worked up the money, but it didn't sell for a few weeks so I was thinking it'd still be there) even though it probably just sold and for whatever reason I can't find the record of it.

But just in case it didn't and I really am just blind and can't find it, I just wanted to ask - does anyone remember that listing, or was the seller of it, and does anyone know what happened to it?  I'm wondering if the sales reminders were just deleted to clean up clutter, and that's why I can't find it.  I don't need to know who bought it or anything if it did sell (although if you want to come forward, go ahead) - I just wanna make sure it did sell before I commit to anything else!  I by no means want to heckle the person who did buy it, and I hope you enjoy the addition to your collection :D I just genuinely can't find any proof it was sold, so I want to make sure it was, that's all.  I'm glad it went to another good home if it did sell!

But speaking of committing to other things, if anyone else has any jakks pacific pmd plush - or other pmd merch - for sale... feel free to let me know or link me to your sales!  I'm looking for things in the $20 range like the aforementioned piplup (not including shipping, of course, but hopefully shipping should still be in the upper $20s) but feel free to link me to more expensive stuff too even if I probably can't afford it atm.

Thank you for reading and please let me know if I should delete this or not!

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