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SSS is here! + a few updates

Hello community ^^

I am really enjoying reading peoples' SSS posts. Now it's my turn :) When arriving home from work on Friday, I found a note in my mailbox. It said a package is waiting for a pick up. I knew it's gotta be my SSS. I got my hands on it today and I was like a kid at Christmas eve! What could be in it? I have absolutely no idea!

This is going to be a little longer post, so make yourself comfortable :)

A rather small box with a word "fragile" on it. The package is smallish but its contents is HUGE!


My gifter was schenzi Oooh, so many wrapped things! I wonder what should I open first? Going from the smallest to the biggest!

Some stickers of my favorite Pokémon. A super cute Treecko keychain. Not to mention some badges and a Grovyle! Sweet!

Next, a mega Sceptile sheet(?) from ink promotion! Oh my, its so cool! I'm actually not sure how it should be used but I think it's meant to be put on a wall. That's what I'm going to do! If someone has a better idea, please tell me!

Moving on. So this was the "fragile" one :D OMG OMG! I'm totally speechless! What a great looking picture. And it's framed! I must find a proper place for it!

Moving on to the last one! Before I unwrapped it, I thought "this can't get any better, can it". Man was I wrong!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NO WAY! I MUST BE DREAMING! It's a Treecko plush but it's dressed like Sceptile! I simply can't find any words to describe it. What a surprise!

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou schenzi! I loved everything <3 You made me feel like a spoiled brat :D Many hugs and kisses!

Other day, I decided to count how many different items there are in my collection. Well, it didn't go well :D After over 40 plushies and almost a hundred other items, I lost my count and was too lazy to start over XD If I counted everything, the total would go way over 200. And these are Treecko line items only! And by this SSS gift, there will be over a dozen more :D

By the way, guess who is celebrating his first anniversary? That's right! It's pretty much exactly a year since my beloved Saturn was finished! A couple more weeks and it's been exactly a year since I unboxed him!

Spring has really taken a leap here in Finland. It's only two and a half weeks until we celebrate May Day (vappu in Finnish)! During May Day, all those who have graduated from high school (including me!) will wear these fancy looking white hats. In Finland, this hat is the symbol of high school education. Here's Treecko wearing my hat. It suits him pretty well doesn't it :D

Finally, I have a treat for you! The following problem will be in my next maths exam.

Professor Oak and professor Birch met each other at professors' seminar held in Galar. They had the following conversation:
"If I remember correctly, you have three Pokémon in your laboratory. Isn't that correct, professor Birch? I wonder how old they are now."
"That's right, professor Oak! The sum of their ages equals today's date. In addition, the product of their ages is 36."
"I'm sorry, professor Birch, but that doesn't tell me the ages of your Pokémon."
"That's right, professor Oak! I forgot to mention that the youngest Pokémon has a gorgeous, long green tail!"
"Thank you, professor Birch! Now everything is crystal-clear! Now I can tell how old your Pokémon are!"
How old are professor Birch's three Pokémon?

Whew! I guess that's finally it! Thanks for reading! See you next time =)
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