Tom (stocky101) wrote in pkmncollectors,

10 LOTS ON EBAY! Link below....

Hi comm!

Today I took the plunge and finally listed all my remaining stuff for sale in lots on eBay. I need this stuff out and would love it to go to good homes with a few comm members so the link is below!

Try this link first -

If not...

If not, maybe this will work?

And if not (there has been some problems with the links), search “seller:ims-sales Pokemon” not sure if this works online but should work on the mobile app.

(I’ve just added all the links that have been working for people XD)

(Please note they’ve been listed on my dads account amongst his other things so just search for the Pokemon stuff through the rest ^_^).

Thanks again!

My Sales Permission was granted by areica96 on 21/11/2018

Here’s my feedback -
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