neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Spring Swap gets!!!

I came home today to find my spring swap gift waiting for me! :D

first thing I saw was the glaceon and brionne drawings on the box! so cute!!!

More cute art was inside the package! I love the pokemon time style raikou art ;o; and aaaaaa the shiny babies are so cute!

And heres all what was in the box! My gifter was none other than slothyshroom !!!

Aaaaaaah look at everything! ;o; Theres something for all my collections! Shiny mudkip and treecko kids, a tomy raikou plush, THOSE 'SAURS!!! The glaceon tiles artwork is so precious!!! Thank you so much slothyshroom !!! <333

Tags: sss
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