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Hello everyone! I just have a quick sales post for you all to dig through :)


- I was granted sales permission on October 20, 2015 by areica96.

- My feedback can be seen here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pumpkaboo_patch/

- I only accept payments through Paypal and require a minimum purchase of $3 before shipping.

- Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated. I do a flat shipping rate of $5 for non-flat items ($6 for plush) and $3.50 for flats.

- I will not be shipping outside of the US at this time, sorry! I ship form Alabama, USA.

- I will not sell to banned or non members.

- Priority goes to the first person who inquired, regardless of their commitment. They will have 24 hours to commit to the item, after which I will move on to the next person interested.

- Payment after commitment will be expected within 24 hours, unless the need for more time was discussed earlier.

- Please make it clear whether you are committed to an item, backing out after commitment will result in neutral feedback or being banned from my sales page.

- I am willing to do holds! Just ask, but they will be treated as commitments!

- Haggling is not allowed unless the item is marked OBO.

- Tell me if you want insurance for your package, this will be $3 extra!

- All items come from a smoke free home, but pets have come into contact with my collection.

- Let me know when you receive your item, please! We can leave feedback for each other then!



Figures and Such:

- Frost, Fan, and Regular Rotom Zukan: $10 (regular Rotom is dirty and fan Rotom has some dirt on it as well, frost's base is broken, but it's pieces will be included)

- Wash, Cut, and Heat Rotom Zukan: $17

- Zorua, Zoroark Zukan: $13


- Rotom kid figure set (will not split): $12 (Wash has a scuff on its stomach)

- Plasma Pokemon Rotom Wash figure set: $8

- Plasma Pokemon Rotom Frost can badge: $5


- Arceus kid figure: $1

- Regigigas kid figure: $1

- Scuicune Tomy (very scuffed, used): $0.50

- Palkia cry charm: $3

- Genesect coin: $0.25


Pokemon Lots:

- Pumpkaboo lot: $15

Clearfile (warped)


Perler sprite

Spooky Halloween Party mascot plush (tto, no head chain)

Kid figure w/ original box and sticker


- Fletchling line lot: $15

Fletchling MPC MWT

Talonflame kid figure

Fletchinder kid figure

Talonflame metal figure

Talonflame versus card


Ducklett/Swanna lot: $20
      Ducklett pokedoll w/ detached hang tag
      Ducklett pokedoll w/ bow (tto)
      Ducklett MPC (tto, broke thread on butt, missing head chain)
      Swanna MPC (tto)
      Mini Ducklett pokedoll (tto, I can include the original packaging but it's very damaged, just ask)
      Ducklett perler sprite
      Ducklett kid figure
      Swanna kid figure
      Ducklett with you can badge (dented)
      Ducklett can badge
      Ducklett trettas (3)
      Ducklet aphabet tile
      Ducklett Korean eraser figure


Plush and Such:

- Jakks talking Grovyle plush: $5

- Monthly Pikachu June (JP, MWT): $15 OBO

- Tomy Snorlax Plush: $5

- Rotom Heat pokedoll (tto, used, has dirt on its head and butt): $12

- Froakie pokedoll (tto): $5

- Talking shoulder pikachu plush: $3

- Banpresto Luxray: $25 (I originally thought this was a bootleg since I got it from Hongkong years ago, but I'm pretty sure its either just a factory reject or just lost it's nose, haha)


- Pikachu and Eevee fleece blanket: $5



- Pokemon from sticker sheet: get one free with purchase, after that $0.10 each
      (Available: all)

- Bisharp sticker: $0.25

- Spoink sticker $0.25

- Pokemon Advanced Cards: $0.50 each, except Poocheyna and Zigzagoon which are $1.50
      (Taken: Zigzagoon)

- Foil Marowak card: $0.50

- Wheezing card: $0.50

- Lenticular Lileep/Cragdily card: $1

- Pokebox Mewtwo Tarot card: $1 (has some sort of residue on surface)



- Beldum needlefelt: $10 OBO

- Treecko needlefelt (posable): $15

- Whisprum needlefelt: $5 OBO (no mouth)

I'm also open to trading any items in my sale for one of these Lucario items :) My husband's favorite Pokemon is Lucario, so I've been thinking about finding a nice one for him. I'm not looking to purchase though, just trade, but if you have one for sale please let me know anyways and I'll be sure to bookmark it :)

Looking for these guys:

Either the vinyl or non vinyl Tomy Lucario plush or..


Either the sleeping Lucario Tomy figure or the Sofubi Lucario figure :)

And that's all! Thank you guys so much for looking! Hope you're all having a wonderful spring! :)

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