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2 month pokedoll haul

Just wanted to share the pokedolls I've managed to find after 2 months of hunting them from everywhere around the world, can't express how happy I am! Thanks to all the people who helped me cross the grails off my list which includes the Chesnaught, Metagross, Swampert, Poliwhirl, Bidoof and Diancie.

So far, I'm still on hunt for one of the shiny beasts and hoping I can get one for a decent price. Happy monday!

Getting the Chesnaught pokedoll completes my Final Kalos Starter trio

Yes, I love Giratina so much that I feel the need to get another one that is MWT Japanese version

Look how adorable that Poliwhirl is! As well as the little Tyrunt peeking behind Darkrai

Haha, Diancie and Giratina are one of my faves. I got lucky getting a Mega Diancie plush before and thought building an army of them wouldn't get anymore prettier!

This! I was lucky to have these two as a set for doing a service for a friend in exchange for finding him the plushies he wants

I never thought Metagross was actually that a big saucer and finally getting an Alolan Raichu fulfills me, Swampert finally completes my Final Hoenn Starters!

I was lucky to find a MWT Mismagius pokedoll and also completes my Oricorio forms being Pom-pom the most difficult one to find MWT!

A good friend of mine bought the new pokedolls for me in Japan and met him recently to pick them up, the pokemon center bag is a huge want!

Ohhh look at all these cuteness, it's too much to handle!

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