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Easter sales!

Hey there guys, I have some new items and reduced prices for you! ^-^

Here's a preview:

Sales Policy
- All Pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- Sales permission is granted by entirelycliched on 22 September 2014.
- My feedback is available here
- I only sell to members of the community.
- I have the right to refuse to sell to people I don't feel comfortable with.
- Smoker-free home. I have pets, but they are not even in the same room as the items.
- I can hold items up to 48 hours. If the payment is not received within 48 hours, the item is going to be relisted.-Unless otherwise agreed.
- The first person to inquire about an item gets priority - regardless of commitments or quotes. -But after I reply, you have 12 hours to respond before the item goes to the next person.
-No trades at the moment. Haggling is accepted if you think the price is too high, but please be reasonable!

Payment & Shipping
- I accept Paypal only.
- The prices are in USD and are NOT including shipping or PayPal fees.
- I ship from Denmark and I ship international.
- Shipping starts at $4.54 to USA - Without tracking number. Mention if you want tracking, because it's very expensive.
- I ship the package within 4 business days.
- I am not responsible for loss or damages after I ship the items out.
- It takes around 6-10 days for the package to arrive. (To USA).


Absol unknown figure - $2
rayquaza european candy figure - $2

Minun bobble head figure - $1
Garchomp bandai DX kid - $2

Pikachu DX tomy 1998 - $6
Nidorino Hasbro 2000 figure SOLD
Charmander 1999 ornament figure - $5

Skitty european candy figure SOLD
Totodile Mcdonalds figure - $2
Psyduck Mcdonalds figure - $2

TOMY figures

$2 each
SOLD: poliwhirl

$3 each
SOLD: swampert

$3 each

$5 each
SOLD: koffing

Damaged figures

$1 EACH:
Heracross european candy figure (damaged at the top)
Ash Tomy figure (damaged cap)
Raichu JAKKS figure (missing tail)
Giratina battle shooter bandai figure (missing parts and wings)
Lugia bandai DX kid (Has name written on the bottom) SOLD


Dragonair bootleg plush - $3
Slowking Hasbro plush SOLD
Koffing Reversible Pokeball Plush - $5

Electronic Mew Hasbro plush (talks and moves the eyes and the tail - the tail doesn't move sometimes for some reason tho) - $12
Horsea Play by Play plush - $8


Small greeting cards with envelope:
Top and middle row: $0.50 each
Bottom row: $1 each

Tarot cards - $2 each
SOLD: Xerneas

Pokemon TCG

TCG cards - $0.50 each and 5 for $2.
All these cards are in used condition so if you want to know the condition of a specific card, let me know!


SOLD: bulbasaur







Dark, steel and fairy

SOLD: snubbull

Trainer cards

Other cards:

Mewtwo promo card - $4
Espeon (has some spots on the edges) - $1

Thanks for watching! ^-^
Tags: plush, sales, slowking, tcg, tomy
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