bellestarrmon wrote in pkmncollectors

Funko Pikachu sales/7-11 cup

Hello everyone! I have an extra Funko Lucky Day Pikachu MIB that I'm looking to let go of. Sold listings place it around $35 plus shipping, so I'd be willing to let go of it for around $25! 

I'm also offering to middleman for any international members who want the Blooming Curiosity figure, which came out today. I am able to order 2 at a time. 

I also have a spare 7-11 Pikachu cup with a ludicolo straw I decided I didn't want anymore. Both are sealed, the cup is $5 and the straw is $2. Pics below the cut!

And here's a pic of the lucky day chu (my personal one oob)


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