raikouski wrote in pkmncollectors

A collection update and some wants

I bought some rowlet items I wanted from splash that i'm really excited to share!!

Cute babies!!! They arrived so fast I was so happy when I got home from work. There's only a couple of things I still have my eye on for my rowlet collection that i'll post under a cut so if anyone has them in their sales posts please let me know so I can take a look!! Thank you for them splash!

I'm currently on the hunt for two more rement rowlets one of which isn't out yet so I might just wait a little bit until they release or if anyone is doing claims i'll try and get on there

i'd love to get ahold of this guy if anyone has him! My living situation and work schedule make it hard for me to import from japan because I won't be around to sign for the package otherwise id have just grabbed him off eBay sooner. ):

this is the other guy i'm trying to make a claim on if anyone can help point me in the right direction. They're not out yet to my knowledge so i'm sorry for the poor quality picture. 

Thank you!! 


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