DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Skitty Collection Update

Good Evening Everyone!

I've been collecting diligently to update my skitty colleciton! My newest additions include

This Skitty candy bottlecap figure that I didn't even know existed! An awesome friend of mine, some know him as neutralemotions, pointed it out to me! I cannot thank them enough! I'll get bottlecap totals in soon! I also FINALLY got a footprint figure with it's base for super cheap ($2) so I'm happy to finally have one with a base. I have a second one that I plan on repainting shiny eventually... if I ever stop being so lazy >>

Anyway, I have a few more interesting things coming in! So please stay tuned!

Also, if you collect Skitty, Please show me!!! I want to see!!!

Lastly a few wants:

Clear skitty kid figure, the skitty TV figure, and this weird porcelain word of the day? Skitty figure.

If you'd like to see ALL my skitty items thus far (as I always keep it up to date!) come check it out HERE!

Thanks for checking in!
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