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Spring Secret Swap - SSS

That's right, it's my turn now!

My SSS gift arrived on Saturday, but I'm just getting around to posting now. I was pretty busy over the weekend and actually didn't get to open it right away. Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my mom and then to the craft show. On the way home I thought to myself, "I betcha my SSS will be waiting on the porch and I won't have time to open it" and darn it I was right. I was already running late to do Community Day in Pokemon Go, so I grabbed the box as I ran inside, then went right back out the door to head to the local gathering spot for Community Day. I didn't get back home til around 7PM when I finally got to open my SSS gift.

So let's begin! (Warning: Long post. It's kind of a play-by-play opening things)

Oh look, Easter grass! I used the same thing in my SSS gift, we think alike!

*opens note*
Inside the note was a cute little Eevee sticker? I wasn't sure if it was a sticker or not and didn't want to pull at the sides of it and ruin it, so it'll stay as is for now.
What's this, "trying something new for your gift" and "open the tissue paper last"?
Hmm... *looks at who the gift is from* neutralemotions
*tries to remember what kind of customs they make, but is drawing a blank*
Guess I'll just have to find out at the end.

So in the excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the top layer in the box, just under the grass seen in the first picture. (Another note: I used Easter eggs for my gifts as well! We totally thought alike for our presentation.) So we'll just move on to the first gift that I squeed about and grabbed immediately.

Jollybee Kid's Meal Alolan Vulpix!!! Yay!! I was super happy about this. It's kind of hard to find, and even harder to find by itself. I've only seen sets of the toys for 30$ on Ebay and I'm really glad I didn't buy it just to get Alolapix. What makes this even better is upon my return to PKMNCollectors, I actually purchased this from a member and it unfortunately never got sent. So here it is!

Next up we have some eggs to pop open. (Oh, look... Easter grass in the egg with the figure, too.)

I first opened the Hi-Chew egg. I've had Hi-Chews before and really like them, so I'll be enjoying these over time. I tend to eat all the strawberry first, then work on the other flavors. >3
Second was the little Glaceon caped Eevee and Glaceon, uhm... I'm not sure of the name of these. I get them all confused. There's Tretta, and *brain goes blank* oh goodness, it was there just a bit ago. Anywho, a Glaceon game coin thing!

That was in for the first level of goodies, so let's move on to LEVEL 2!

Right off the bat I see a Noivern hiding in the grass and have to pluck my new little dragon fren out.

Attack Pose Noivern Tomy! Woot! I'm happy to add this little guy to my smol Noivern collection. I do wish Noivern got more merch love.

We got two more eggs to pop open.

We have some more Hi-Chews (yum) and Alolan Ninetales with Glaceon! Now, I think THIS one is Tretta? Gosh, you're out of collecting for a little bit and things get so fuzzy. Yay for more Alolatales! I needs all the Alolapix and Alolatales!

Next up I pulled the kid box out to see it was Lugia! I totally got a Toothless goofy grin from this pose. Does anyone else see it?

And the last thing for level 2...

A new Suicune figure! I don't get to add much in terms of new things to my Suicune collection. While this is a newer figure, my list of things I need are mostly older and harder to get items, so I'm glad to add something new to it. I'm also glad I resisted the really cheap listing I saw on Ebay of it. XD

We have cleared Level 2... now, we move on to, LEVEL 3!! *dramatic music starts playing*

Oh! I see me some Cadbury Caramel Eggs!

Oh yes, it's a picture of just the Cadbury Caramel Eggs because they deserve it. I love these things. It's a shame they're only available around Easter. Moving on...

I found this hidden along the side, so I'm not sure if it was from another level and fell down, or if it was meant to be in this level. It's the Glaceon shoebadge! My Glaceon collection is starting to get more things than my Vaporeon collection. I may need to balance it out, lol.

More Hi-Chew and, what's this? This isn't a Pokemon! It's CloudJumper from HTTYD! I never thought I'd actually get anything non-Pokemon related, so I did actually manage to find a blind bag with CloudJumper in it, BUT this one stands better and actually has a different paint job than the one I got. Mine faceplants because the one foot is wonky, and the tail is airbrushed blue instead of just the tail fins being blue (like this one pictured). Overall, this one is better! CloudJumper (and Storm Cutters in general) need more merchandise in the HTTYD line. It's one of my favorite dragons.

So, here we are now.

The mysterious tissue paper gift. What could it be...
*picks it up and starts to unwrap it*
*sees some purple and blue through the tissue*
*finally gets to it and squees in excitement*

It sucks that this picture got blurry, but... oh my god. I just, I couldn't believe it. It's amazing!! It was only then that I remembered, "Oh, right! They do needlefelt!!"
My mom wasn't sure what needlefelt was, so I gave her a horrible description while showing it to her and just rambling on about how awesome it was and how it's poseable, and, and, and...
Words cannot express how great this is.
Just look at it!

Such floof!

Much majestic!

It is absolutely amazing and I am so happy you made this for me, neutralemotions. You have no idea. This is by far the best gift I have received, and that is not saying my past gifts were bad by any means because they weren't! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making this and I'm glad you were able to experiment with it. I hope you got to learn from it and will be able to apply it in the future.

Here's a parting shot of everything together.

Thank you so much for my SSS gift this year! =3
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