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SSS (Secret Spring Slowpokes) Time!

I was *literally* watching my post man from the window this morning cuz he had a BOX and I knew what time it was!!

AN EGG. And so many packing peanuts!!

Inside the watermelon paper were two MORE lil eggs, and inside the first of those was...

A plant boy!! I absolutely ADORE his pose, I love you Bulba but sometimes your merch can be a little repetitive, so a cheeky vine whip is perfect! Time for the second egg...

ANOTHER super unique little plant boy, and a holographic (??) Slow coin that EVOLVES when you tilt it!! That's so cool!! There's also a BIG thing wrapped in paper, so let's check that out!

IT'S BREADPOKE. I love unique merch and I love whoever a) came up with this BIZARRE Slowpoke and b) my GIFTER for giving me this incredible breakfast boy. He's ridiculous. He's the most ridiculous Slowpoke out there and Slowpoke is usually kinda ridiculous anyway. But this just takes the biscuit (haha, see). NOW LET'S OPEN THE BIG EGG.


Oh no.

I made a noise when he popped out honestly. He's just.

He's floppy, and heavenly soft, and even my dog was INSISTENT on sniffing even though I told him off so I guess his beauty transcends species. I'M STILL A LITTLE SPEECHLESS. I know he should live with his brethren in the Slowpoke shrine but I just want to keep holding him forever. The big feet style and his tiny little embroidered mouth are beyond perfection. It HURTS ME he's so perfect. AND HE HAS AN EGG. The perfect easter egg, to be honest.

Had to dig down for the card because it had become BURIED but I found and when I opened it oh my gosh, more noises. The art on the front is just so beautiful and has my FAVOURITES and a sneaky Shellder who's definitely aspiring to become a Slowbro, who can blame him. There was a super sweet message inside and ANOTHER SLOWPOKE and I finally found out WHO dared make my morning so wonderful:

It was sugar0coated!! Thank you SO SO SO much! Slowpoke is so perfect and I love him more than I can tell you. The Bulbas are keeping me company on my desk now, and breadpoke and eggpoke are living with their new friends in the cabinet.

Tags: bulbasaur, slowpoke, sss
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