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Lotteria Flower Snow Globe Review

Hello everyone! I recently received the limited edition Lotteria Squirtle flower snow globe, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a review on it!

I was super excited to get this snowglobe! I waited a while for it but that's understandable since it came from Korea. It's really, really cute! I wish squirtle's face was painted a bit different (less of a black line for the undereyes, or different sculpting for the mouth) but it's cute nonetheless!

It is very well sculpted on the base with the flowers as well as the Pokemon name 

The box is absolutely adorable. It's very minimalist.

Here's a video of it, it's short and LJ wouldn't let me upload the video directly so I linked the post I made on my merch blog. 

Overall, this snowglobe is an 9/10 for me. I really love that they used a pose directly from the anime, and love squirtle in general, so I'm very satisfied. The -1 is just for the heavy lines under the eyes!


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