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Vulpix and Eeveeloution Sales

Granted sales permission on 01/26/11 by dakajojo

Paypal only ~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included in the price
Be sure to mark your payment as "goods", I use paypal to ship
All pkmncollectors rules apply, even if you aren't part of it > RULES <
Items will be shipped within a couple weeks (during weekends), give me a shipping address in paypal please
Don't edit your comments, reply to your comment instead
I am open to trades, if you have something awesome from my wants HERE
All items are shipped from Washington State
PLEASE NO HAGGLING, I really am not comfortable with it...
I have cats in a studio apartment, don't buy plush/cloth items if allergic

Have some things for sale for these pokemon

Eeevee perfume $8, talking sylveon figure (I have the clamshell too, will be shipped in it) $50, leafeon perfume figure $10, espeon deluxe tomy $15, umbreon $15
eevee terrarium $8, lana eevee w/yarn $8, flareon soda gacha $9, sylveon poncho eevee $8, flareon poncho eevee $8, espeon poncho eevee $8, espeon pokebox stamp $8, attack sylveon kid $8, sitting sylveon kid $8, flareon tfg (broken peg, so it doesn't spin well) $30
sodas $.25 each/$2 for whole set, eevee standing soda figure $4, floral teapot eevee $10
eevee pokemon time strap $8, jolteon pokemon time strap $15,slyveon star keychain $20, sylveon acrylic keychain $15, flareon coin $3
espeon banpresto (big) $18, big banpresto eevee $25, play by play eevee $18
sylveon sitting (some glue on it's paw has yellowed, but is usually covered by ribbon) $15, vaporeon pokemon time $20, jolteon pokemon time $20, sylveon mpc $18, espeon banpresto kc $13, glaceon pokemon time $20, leafeon pokemon time $20, eevee pokemon time $12
Pikachu lot $45
vulpix snowglobe $45, vulpix pc plush $25, chiku chiku vulpix $55, all star vulpix $20, sapporo vulpix $50
it's a demo vulpix kc $65, bobble head vulpix $8 ea (kanto x2 and alola) vulpix puttito $20, vulpix pc kc $15, vulpix pokemon time $12
acrylic vulpix kc $12, big eraser vulpix $15, vulpix candy figure $9, vulpix tomy $8, ninetails getto $8, vulpix special getto $8, vulpix getto $8, oteire vulpix $12,

Pokémon Center Hyaku Poke Yako kanto 

ninetales $25,

Pokémon Center Hyaku Poke Yako

alola ninetales $25, kid meal (don't remember what restaurant) vulpix $25

Tags: eeveelutions, ninetails, pikachu, vulpix
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