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GREATEST SSS YET???? 2Fat_Free SSS gift get 2019 :3

hi pokey friends :D It's been a while since I've posted to the community. how goes everyone :D I hope your collectings are having fun and going well ^u^! :D Today I share with you the GREATEST SSS of this season. I'm just SO EXCITED over my gifts and it's just so much and so awesome and asdfghjkl ok let's get into it :3333!

warning, image heavy ouo :3

[ sorry for poor image quality, im running on a reallllyyy bad/slow laptop and this is the best i can do ;-; it's struggling to let me do even this much D:]

So, needless to say it's getting towards the tail end of the sss season. Or rather, at least the gifting deadline is over, now it's all up to the receieving >:3 and so, with this pretty much in the back of my mind, everyday I would wonder if my package would show up >:3 anyday I knew it would come but, when I saw it in my grandma's porch I was suprised at how big it was O-O

I took it in and was in a bit of a rush to leave (to go to my appartment), however, i was just too excited :3 i knew I should wait but I wanted to have an idea what I was getting myself into O,O!

It's so well wrapped and neat and beautiful oh my god. Im already like, ok wow,. i dont deserve this,, holy moly. upon reading the SACRED PAPER! a RARE artifact from 2003, holy moly I was already like wow, this is all so amazing. like just so far and the fact I didn't know what I was going to get was just so exciting.

It was around this point I realized, I had to calm down and step back and put things away until I got home to my apartment. tuck tuck tuck

Ok here we are in my humble aboad! much better c: I can open it calmly without interuption!

Before I begin: how did you know I love this so much????? like easter and gacha (random egg openings) is like. the collest thing ever. its like my childhood. just having the random rng and colorful eggs and everything is super super super super super happyyyy childhoooodd for me ;wwwwwwww; im so happy im so happy

so taking everything out, I decided to organize it a bit and do it by color. >:3 rainbow order! :3 so without further adew lets see what we got >:3

first egg; Flareon FCS Figure with base??? WTF??? I don't know if im ready for what im getting myself into here. already im like, wow this figure alone with all the shipping and wrapping (ps I saw the shipping on the label, you poor thing ;_;<333

second; JOLTEON FCS figure with base! :D I don't think I had flareon but I think I already have this one. :3 but I love collecting duplicates of items i really like so I'm super happy :D!

3; VENUSAUR!!!!!!!! he is ONE GRABBY WHIPPY BOIII :33333333333 I had him on my wants list and at this point I began to realize that OMG, my gifter went so much above and beyond, the list I provided in the sss application comment only had plushies, my gifter was going out and picking stuff from an old wants list I had up on my livejournal :D! nice detectivework and super thoughtful :3 :D!

4; Skarmory kid! another pick off my wants list I can cross off, you are super helpful :D!!!!!

5; Lapras FCS with base :D I didn't plan on getting this guy since he never looked particularly stunning, BUT now that I have him IRL I see how absolutely big he is and boy, do I appreciate him so much more now UwU

6; candy!!! :D I got lots of chocolateyyy shtufffff :3333 to go with my green tea items, a tasty combo >;33

7; MEW!! kid figure! :O :D I didn't expect anything I got but this one was a big suprise :333 I love him so much, I'm so glad to finally have him :D!

8; more candy! I wasn't a fan of these guys (or so I had thought) until I tried them and, wow, im actually like addicted ;-; they are so sweet and gooey! I love them :3!

9; Sunflora BM figure :3 :D a happy sunshine guy!!!

10; Chansey BM figure!! :3 a happy body slamming fat egg boi inside of another egg boi inside of another package and he is a good boi

11; TOMY ZAPDOS!!!!!!! another big hit off my wants list, you have great gifting skills :D!

12; POLIWRATH FUZZIE BOI??????? I love the fuzzie boies. was this even on my wants list? i have no idea but honestly this (along with the others) make me want to collect ever. single. fuzzy. man.

13; VILEPLUME fuzzy boi what uh

oh! he has a friend already :3 welcome to the family fuzzy guy :D


15; poliwhirl fuzzy. its too much. im not worrthhhyyy to be in the presence of this many giftsss ;-;;;; you could have just cut it off after the first one cause you've spent soo much on me U//////u/////U im so flustered ahhhhh

16; MEGANIUM BM!!!! you know exactly what i like dont ya oh my ;__;<333333

17; SUNFLORA!!!! PENCIL TOPPER!!! another stinky boi on my wants list and boi he is so chunky and his model is god danged b e a u t i f u l like he is so well made. such an amazing figure and boy, oh my goodness, he is super rad

18; yes we are at 18. how many eggs? more then a dozen. like, enough to make me happy for ever. and whose inside, another happy friend off my wants list. I had moltres already so now I finally have the complete bird trio cast. thank you so much thank you so much thank you so much thank you so much thank youuuuu

18; One. Fuzzy. Good. Boi.

and here is everything in the littler eggies. theres still one big egg left but I wanted to give an overveiw of where we are at so far. *gulp*

19; the Big Blue eggie in the center of the universe. Upon seeing it im DELIGHTFULLY GREETED WITH 2 sillie Bois I can see and a note :o?

a little poliwhirl ruler (another nick off the wants list! now i can measure my stuff =U=) was hiding, hello! :3 the note says: you didnt think I'd forget? who I am? oh sweet pea. unforunately for you I had long known about who you were. infact, your doodle on the top of the package was a dead giveaway. the North Wind Express?? It could only be one person.

leashedragon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you thank you thank youuu ;u;u;u;u;u;u;

Although you might not know me, I like to see what goes on the internet and at some point stumbled upon your website :3. I took it into my memory, I love generation 2 pokemon and of course suiciune is one of them :3 I had seen you around the community and yeah :3 idk im just weirdd ;u;

here is a shot of everything in total minus the candies :D so wonder where my new pokey friends are now??

snubbull found himself a nice friend over in the corner of my room. he likes to hang out with the cool porygon guy and have fun ^u^

the polis had no problems with their new adjustment, and made their home accordingly with a keychain i had around. joltey and zapdos are up top training on the mountain!

skarmory is hanging out on squirtle with a lappy floating by. =u= sleepy time!

venusaur got a new ... friend?! :D so now the extension whip power has increased by 200%!

and, here is everyone on my mini little shelf I have with me :3 sorry if some arent easy to see. ^^; I don't have much on display right now cause space is VERY limited. I've said it before but for those who don't know my collection is in bags/bins in my grandmas garage rn :c so only a little can be with me :O!

so anyways, thats the end of this post :3 thank you so much for reading and im sorry to everyone else but my gift this year is the best! UwU I got such an amazing gifter and i love my stuff so so so so so so much i love youuuuuuuuu i loveeee ;;;;;;;;uuuu;;;;;;;;; i lovee!!! my gifter went above and beyond to make this a super fun and amazing memorable package opening :D :3!! happy easter to all and other whatnots and thank you again and have a good spring :3 :D!
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