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SSS Arrival!

Hello everyone :D

My Spring Swap gift arrived! It actually arrived a little while ago, but things have been so hectic that I couldn't post or take some good pictures ^^' But! It's finaly time for my SSS gift!

First! Look how pretty the box is! It was the first thing I saw after coming home from morning class.

It's a continuous spring scene!

And it has all my favorites on it!

I'm saving this :> It's way too pretty to throw out, and it's going in my box collection (I have a box collection lol).

My giftor this year was...

2fat_free! Thank you so much! I love all of your drawings! The ones of my OC's put a huge smile on my face <) They look amazing for the little bit of information that I gave about them! I got two dark chocolate bars, but I've been munching on one ^^' It's great! And, as a bonus, some of the proceeds go to help endangered wildlfe.

Little bits! More Eevee figures. I don't have the phone screen-cleaner figure, and I really like the old school Kid figure. Ninetales is so pretty; I didn't know it had a Break card. This is my first Tretta, and I kinda want more. I love how dynamic Vaporeon is. I also have a new phone charm--Corn Eevee!

Big Eevees!
This big Eevee is amazing. He's a perfect Eevee plush. The best part is I have one of the posters from the machine that Eevee was in. I was also eyeing the Relaxing Eevee on Toreba. I was never lucky (or skilled) enough to win one, but I'm so happy to receive him! Look at his little face :}

I also got a cute shopper with kitties! My Mom stole this from me.

Here's everyone together! Thank you so much 2fat_free! I'm sorry for such a long delay! It's all so lovely, and it came at the perfect time. I was having an awful and stress week, and it totally brightened my day when it arrived.

✿ ❀~Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring~❀ ❁
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