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First sales post!

Hello everyone, long time no post! I've been a little busy and haven't been able to share a collection update in a hot minute, but I come to you today with some weeding sales! For now I'm starting with the group of plushies pictured above, but there will likely be more to come as I go through my pokes that have been packed away. :) More information and images can be found below the cut. <3

-Sales permission granted on November 21, 2018 by areica96
-My feedback can be viewed here
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply
-I will not sell to any members who have been banned from the community

-I live in the US, and will ship BOTH domestic and international as long as you're OK with the cost.
-Once items are shipped out I am no longer responsible for them.
-Payments are accepted through Paypal as "goods and services." Please include your username and the items you purchased in the notes.
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees. Please pay within 24 hours upon my confirmation response unless we've otherwise worked something out. All sales are final.
-Please specify if you are committed to an item or only asking for a quote. Backing out of a commitment may result in neutral or negative feedback depending on how long I've held it for you.
-I will sell on a first come first serve basis, and items will generally be held up to 24 hours after being given a quote if you have not already committed to the purchase. If I do not receive a response in that time, the item will automatically go to the next person who has asked about it if there is anyone else interested.

-I live in a smoke-free environment with four cats and a dog. My pets generally don't come into direct contact with most of my merch, but I will do a quick wipedown of anything I'm selling before mailing it off to remove any stray cat hairs and such.
-Let me know when your item has arrived and we can exchange feedback!
-I am sometimes willing to trade if you've got an item on my wants list, feel free to ask!

Additional images and closeups can be provided upon request!
Generally I'd prefer not to haggle, but if you find anyone else in the community selling for less within the past year I may be willing to price match.

Generation 1

Jakks Meowth (US) - TTO; Good condition/secondhand - $8 $6
Pokemon Market Jigglypuff Mascot (JPN) - MWT - $30 $24
Seel KFC Beanie (US) - TTO; Good condition/secondhand - $8 $6
Vulpix KFC Beanie (US) - TTO; Good condition/secondhand - $10
Tomy Flareon 2012 (JPN) - MWT - $25 $20
Ditto Clefairy Mini (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Mew 20th Anniversary (US) - MIB - $20
Mew Kuttari Awake (JPN) - MWT - $15
Ninetales Custom Handmade - Excellent condition - $45 $36

Generation 2, 3, & 5

Jakks Sneasel (US) - TTO; Excellent condition - $8
Pokemon Center Altaria (JPN) - MWT - $30 $24
Jakks Pidove (US) - TTO; Excellent condition - $8
Jakks Deerling (US) - TTO; Excellent condition - $8
(OR $12 for both pidove and deerling)

Generation 4 & 7

Tomy Leafeon 2012 (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Tomy Glaceon 2012 (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Glaceon Kuttari Awake (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Pokemon Center Rowlet (JPN) - MWT - $20 $16
Pokemon Center Litten (US) - MWT - $12 $10

Generation 6

Christmas 2013 Chespin (JPN) - MWT - $30 $24
Tomy Fennekin (US) - TTO; Excellent condition - $12 $10
Pokemon Center Fennekin (JPN) - MWT - $20 $16
Pokemon Center Braixen (JPN) - MWT - $24
Pokemon Center Delphox (JPN) - MWT - $35 $28
Christmas 2013 Froakie (JPN) - MWT - $35 $28
Pokemon Center Greninja (JPN) - MWT - $35 $28
Pokemon Center Litleo (JPN) - MWT - $15
Pokemon Center Amaura (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Pokemon Center Dedenne (JPN) - MWT - $15 $12
Pokemon Center Inkay
(JPN) - MWT - $15 $12

Fan Merch
I'm also an artist who makes typical convention merch such as prints, acrylic charms, buttons, and stickers! Here is a preview of some of the Pokemon items I've produced, which you can find for sale in my storenvy!
However, if you plan on buying any Pokemon plush from me here and are also interested in some of my personal merch, just let me know in your comment what you'd like so I can combine the shipping. :D

Thanks a bunch for taking a look!
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