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My SSS arrived!!! 💕

Hello!!! 😊
I had an amazing surprise! My SSS gift arrived!!

There're many pictures, so you can see them here!

The box is so cute with all these drawings!!

And with a cute letter, so I knew who sent me the gift!

The first one I've found was this little baby right here!!
I was dreaming of this one for so long! I literally screamed for joy when I saw it!!

As Lysanchu is never enough, I've found this little baby here too!

He was already introduced to our crew in our manners! 😊

Even though I haven't chosen any Pokémon to open the gifts with me, Lily my dog came to help me! 💕

And here we got some candy and some tea!! 💕

Rubber straps!! 💕 The flarechu one made me really happy because I never could get it.

And the Team Flare golden badge! OMG, that's so beautiful! 💕

And that's all. Thank you very much, deranged_girl!! It made really, really happy!! I loved everything!! I know how you feel, I don't know how to draw Lysandre too! Even my chibi drawings of him are weird! Your pokémon drawings are really sweet! 💕 And I'm gonna use the Lys rubber strap on my Camera bag, it's actually the thing I like most!! Thank you very much!! 💕💕💕💕
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