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My First SSS Gift Arrived! :D

Today, I came downstairs to find an exciting package waiting for me :D...

My mum had opened it. I later realised it was because I forgot to send my real name along with my address :D Derp! Tbh she opens half my mail anyway because we have the same initials so it's cool haha! She told me it was there by saying "you have a package with something really, really cute on top."

Now, my phone is getting kind of old and the camera isn't the best >w< Please forgive me because I'm not doing the awesome art in this enough justice!

First sight for me! :D Ohmigash! Such a little box, but I already knew that the content was going to be super special <3

So first up, a little card from my gifter, bwtone! Thank you so so SO much! AND A CUTE EEVEE LAMINATED ART! Oh my gosh, I squealed when I saw that at the top of my box! I LOVE IT! There's little glitters inside and Eevee looks so cute and fluffy, omg! *w* I don't want to pack this away in a folder with my other flats (so little space ;w;), so I'm going to find a space on my wall, I think <3 Special soft spot for alcohol marker art too, since I seem to wreck my picture everytime I try to use mine xD So mad respect!

Next, this long, lumpy package in pretty florals! I spent way too long squishing this trying to guess x3

IT WAS FULL OF TEACUP* BABIES! ♥♥♥ I've had these on my wish list for a while but never got around to picking them up. They're so cute! Especially Vaporeon! Looks like he's wondering when you're going to put the water in >w<

*Well, they're actually more like cappuccino cups. As a former barista and painfully British twit, I have to at least mention it rofl.

Next one was squishy!

Saiko Soda Eevee mascot! OHHHH I love him! I love cute, simple styles, and this plushie ticks a lot of my boxes! <3 I LOVE IT! I recently bought the figure of this since it was on sale, so it was so nice to see this too! >3<

Next was a Eevee Sleeping Kuttari! >w< OH MY GOSH! I very nearly bought this just a little while ago, so I'm really glad I didn't! I actually have an entire shelf of Eevee plushies in this belly-flop pose <3 I think this is almost the last one I needed to complete that little section of my collection too! So YAY!

Next was this little white paper bag! Reminds me of picking out penny sweets from the corner shop when I was a kid :B

DERPY FACE ARTIST BUTTONS!  By Hey Tze! Oh my! And even a derp face Magikarp! >o< I LOVE THEM! My humble little Magikarp collection gets a rare addition today! (Well, I say little, but when you have a Shinykarp bigger than your entire torso...) I love love love the art on these :3 Look at those pastels!

I don't currently have a set up for displaying my button badges, but this is giving me a renewed drive to figure that out :B I'm vowing not to put these in the tins with the others, but to make some soft of fabric display board soon. (If anyone has any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments! I'm currently thinking felt over a canvas frame).

At this point, I started lining everything up for a group photo, when I realised that there was one more thing at the bottom of the box.

EEVEELUTION STICKERS! By Alissart. And oh my gosh, they're so precious! I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of cute pokemon art, I would literally own something from every artist if I could afford it. I can't get over how confused and adorable little Eevee looks too >3< I want to guide him along by his widdle paw oh my gosh.

Here's everything together! Such an awesome haul, including art from three artists and the cutest little plushies and figures <3 I'm so glad I participated, I adore absolutely everything, and I loved making my gift too <3 Thank you so much once again, bwtone! You totally win at everything and your art is just the sweetest! <3 You made my first ever pkmncollectors swap so special ♥
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