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I am sorry for how wordy this is going to be.

Hi, it's been about a year? since I last posted on here, but I've been really contemplating my collection. I love Pokemon, but I've come to realize that I want a more modest and controlled collection. I want a collection that is all pieces that I personally want to display (rather than my collection being some really amazing pieces with some that I just have with no real reasoning other than it being a Pokemon that I like). This has touched a lot of my other collections as well. I've been realizing that I have pieces I will never be able to display and I feel like that's wrong in some way. Collections are meant to be on display and meant to have their own life. My collection should be allowed to do the same thing. I've come to feel that I want my collection to be more quality over quantity. And "quality" doesn't mean that the pieces I plan on pruning aren't good pieces. Quality in this case really means something more like... the quality of my feelings towards that particular piece. This may be a really cool piece, but if the feelings aren't there, why should I hoard this away when someone else could have it and have it mean so much more to them? I feel like I'm really maturing as a collector and I feel like this "quality over quantity" mindset will really help keep me from getting into a situation like I'm in now where I'm almost desperate to move pieces because I want space for my permanent pieces.

Of course, this is my own opinion and my own personal experience with collecting.

Along the same vein, I wanted to ask if anyone had hunted a particular piece for their collection and had it not be as special when they actually got it? I've had that recently with a grail-tier item and I wanted to know if I was alone in this.

Aaaand, last, but not least, I recently made some custom stands for some of my Pokemon figures out of hot glue! I actually rather like how they came out, though I think I need to work on them some. I feel like the foot holes ended up too deep for some of them. I currently only have pictures for my Lucarios, but I still wanted to share!

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