bellestarrmon wrote in pkmncollectors

Pokemon Center order, Funko Pikachu Insert Question

Hey guys! So, I got my Blooming Curiosity Pikachu today, he's super cute! But I noticed something that's been bothering me for a while. On the paper insert you receive showing the silhouette and release month of the next two figures, mine shows these two as the ones for June and July.

Which makes sense, because fireworks and fourth of july and stuff. However... The pokemon center website lists the Sparking up a Celebration one as being released in June. Which one of them is right? Is this the same on every insert or does mine have an error? I'd like to know!

Also, I got the Butterfree fit plush from the Pokemon Center along with my figure. He's sold out every single time he's been restocked so I'm glad I was able to get one this time. I actually got two, not sure why though. I think I got a second one for free shipping :P

I also got my spring swap recently but I've been posting so much I'm trying to stagger them, lol.


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