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My Official want list! + (Bulbasaur wants)

Hello everyone!! ^^  I have decided after seeing many people do this that I will do my own official want list !

Lmk if you've seen a post with these items, have seen a site that sells this, of if you have one yourself that you wouldnt mind selling ^^

First is this sleeping bulbasaur that seemed to be exclusive to Korea, there was another one made for japan in 2015 which i want as well but i just think this one has a better facial expression ( and its mouth doesnt stretch all the way across its face x)

Next is this 2015 Japanese sleeping bulbasaur realease ( see wide mouth lol )

Next is the BAB/ Build a bear bulbasaur
im hoping to find one cheap someday, with the voicebox included

The Bulbasaur plushplush

The patchwork bulbasaur plush

And anykind of shiny bulbasaur items, whether plush or figure
some Examples

Thanks for reading! ^ 0 ^ ~

Tags: bulbasaur, ivysaur, venusaur, wanted, wants
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