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Collection Update and new Finds

Hi all! It's been a while since I've posted and my collection's grown quite a bit since then. I've started a few new collections of Pokemon, and also continued some old ones. And I've bought quite a few plush and figures just because I thought they were cute... XD

Image heavy under the cut!

This is the majority of my collection (that I have with me at college) that I've stuffed into this cheap bookshelf:

I've now started collecting Litten and Vulpix! I find these two too cute and can't resist any merchandise I find of them.

I was SO excited when Pokemon Center finally restocked the trainer size Litten -- I'd been waiting to get it for multiple months but it was never in stock :(

My Lugia shelf has also turned into more of... a Pokemon Movie 2000 shelf with the birds and Slowking haha!

I wish there would've been a bit more Lugia merch with the latest movie ...

I've also been seeing a bit new WCT merchandise popping up from time to time. The one I was most surprised by were these two new plush:

I was pretty skeptical on their plush at first but they seem to be a lot better quality than when they first started.

I also have a question to anyone living in college housing or small apartments -- how do you keep your collection? Do you leave all of it with family, or take a few of your favorites, or do what I do and try to squeeze as much as you can in your place?

Thanks for looking everyone!

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