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SSS Arrival!! ;u;

Hey everyone! My SSS gift arrived today and I'm so excited to share it with you! <3 <3 <3

Before I get started I just have to say how excited I was to see this big ol' My 151 mailing box! So many cute 'mons, I don't ever really have a chance to order directly to the Pokemon Center so I was definitely super happy to see one of their special boxes! The contents of the box are under the cut and it's image heavy!

A mysterious red bag..! What's inside??

First glimpse at a stack of wrapped gifts, a tasty looking treat and I can see some cute art there..!!

A lovely bread type dessert/snack! I opened it to have a sniff and it smells so delicious! I can't wait to try it! <3

To be honest I could have just gotten this card and contents and been incredibly satisfied, thank you so so much hawlucha for the wonderful artwork!! I love all of them! ;u; <3

Already so overwhelmed!! Let's see what my Pokemon brought me! ;u;

Noivern brought me nanoblocks and a Helioptile Chupa figure!! Ahhh I've been looking for the Doduo nanoblock for so long!! I'm so excited to have this nice boy in my collection! I've been wanting this Helioptile figure for ages too so this first little pack was such a fun one! I made the nanoblocks right away, they're all so derpy and cute <3 Also I'm not sure if the Gudetama bags were what the nanoblocks came in or if that's what you had on hand but I really love those too hehe!

Ivysaur brought me some cute charms, tissue packs and some adorable little tokens! I've always thought about getting these pocket tissue packs but the shipping cost was never really worth it, super happy to have these softies! That Bayleef artwork is so lovely and the Inkay is so small haha! I love the cute mix of charms, I don't think I've actually seen the Zorua one before somehow so I'm really keen on it! <3

Ponyta brought me the Weepinbell Sleeping Bag!! I was so bummed when I didn't preorder one so I'm so so excited to finally have it! It's so pastel and soft ;A;

Ribombee brought me a bunch of figures!! I don't have any of these so this was such a treat! I love them all but my absolute favourite is the angry Doduo pencil topper haha! His neck is all twisted, poor guy!! I love the expression and pose, I didn't actually know this one existed!

Helioptile brought me the Mix Au Lait Umbreon plushie!! Yaaay, I was actually really hoping I'd get at least one of these this SSS, I regretted not getting them right away.. Look at his chubby face! I love this promo's style so much, I hope they do another line! (....Helioptile please! Hehe <3)

And finally Vaporeon brought me... himself!! Another Mix Au Lait plush, yay, thank you so much!! D; I love them both so much!

Almost missed it but there was a nice flat package at the bottom of the box...

A4 prints of the artwork!! One laminated and one not. Thank you so much, I can't wait to display it!! I absolutely love the composition of everyone together!

Group shot!! (Including Helioptile testing out the new sleeping bag, hehe!)

Thank you so very much hawlucha for the incredible SSS gifts, I'm absolutely blown away by your generosity!! I feel super spoilt right now, I don't know when I'll stop smiling hehe! Thank you for the incredible artwork and all the care you put into the package, I really really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3

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