deadboon (deadboon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

For those outside of china wondering about the new Detective Pikachu plush...

Wteyywy was the user I believe who alerted me to this ADORABLE new plush and a link on Taobao! So after using that site I did some digging and DID find a website that can ship the plush out to the US (hopefully)! I will be PERSONALLY ordering at the beginning of May (or later when it releases, all the website says is ETA: May). I DON'T want to lead anyone on so pursue at your own risk and do some research if you want to. I'm going to include a link and some pics under the cut :)

The link!:

The price of the plush after converted from AUD and with shipping to MY OWN address came out to be 50 USD, the plush itself was 35 converted from AUD to USD.

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