New Kid Figure Claims

Hey guys! The painted versions of the newest kid figures have just been released (along with the price). These are bandai premium exclusive, and these claims are most likely (but not 100%) going to follow through all the way. This is a one of the more expensive sets I've seen so far, but I have been asked to do claims on them anyways.

I'm also doing claims on the Mewtwo Evolutions Movie kid figure set, which will be under the cut as well.


Each of the newest kid figures will be $6 each and all are available for claim except for Magearna. Release date is October! I am only doing claims for one box. Once something is claimed, I won't be able to take another one.

Ash Greninja: Kaleidoscorch


Diggersby: Spunkybandy

Flabebe: Nerucake

Florges: Nerucake

Doublade: eddictedbrony

Barbaracle: eddictedbrony

Dragalage: Nerucake

Clawitzer: Hawlucha

Tyrantrum: Silvally

Phantump: eddictedbrony

Gourgeist: Shadoweon

Bergmite: Spunkybandy

Avalugg: Spunkybandy


I can also take a claim on the 'special box' the new ones come in. It would be $5 and it looks like this: Silvally

Evolution kid figures will be $4 each. Release date is July!

All are available for claim except for Armored Mewtwo, Mewtwo and Mew!

(Sales permission granted on November 21st, 2018 by areica96)


Dragonite: Tenkohime


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