2% Fat Free (2fat_free) wrote in pkmncollectors,
2% Fat Free

Is this the same figure?? Mystery seel figure help

hi all :3 So ive been meaning to post an update and show my recent gets but. not yet ;-;

anyway, so for a while ive had these two seel figures on my wants list. one ive identified to be a jfranco bath water squirter? And the other... I thought was different just based on the image. the big head? or something? face shape? i cant tell what it is but, idk ;-;

maybe the community can help. what do you guys think? any info on the figure(s)??

top is the "mystery" figure, bottom is the jfranco

second is another image of the jfranco figure. even still i do think they are different figures but i have no idea! ;-;
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