lizrey15 wrote in pkmncollectors

Collection Updates!

This spring was a very exciting time for the arrival of new Pokemon : ) 

My Ditto collection has grown!

All my mascot sized Dittos : )

Mascots plus Gacha! I am only missing the newest set but they will arrive soon : )

And all of them! I have newly added Vol 4 and Vol 5, hoping to get Vol 6 soon!

My new Tokyo DX collection! I love these guys so much.

I love the recent Latias Latios collection, and Latias has been a favorite of mine for years. So excited to finally have a plushie of her and one so cute as well! I had been vacillating on whether or not to get the full sized Sapporo Vulpix for a while now and finally found one for the right price : ) 

I have been collecting these clear files for while now and wanted to give you a file folder rainbow! I love these things, makes paper organization so much more fun. 

Thanks so much for reading!


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