About keeping a small collection

I try to keep my collection to just my favorite starters (Totodile, Blaziken, Decidueye) and legends (ho oh and Lugia). 

I have These plushies:

Please Rowlet, Decidueye, Totodile secret base, ho oh and lugia pokedolls, ribbon torchic treekco, and a handmade blaziken. 

-How do you stick to one pokemon? Ive seen some on here that only collect one pokemon and i have to ask- how do you stick to one? do you ever slip up and buy a pokemon not in your collection? Im soo tempted to get the detective pika plush

-How do you find out news about pokemon plush that are being released? I'd love to know if they plan on making a pokedoll or cuties of any of my pokemon listed. 


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