Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Secret Spring Swap Time!!

Hooray Hooray!! It's secret spring swap time again for me! Even though I'm always really busy now, it's been around 6-7 years for me around in this community and I still try to participate every year <3
It always makes me so happy to do this for my fellow Pokemon trainers and it makes me so happy to have this much fun every Spring. :D

Admittedly I'm a little late on this, but it's better late than never! I never really get a chance to post these days so I still look forward to my annual posting for SSS <3

So let's see all of the lovely gifts I got this year, shall we?

Right off the bat we got some cute bunnies! <3

I got a pretty spring card and found out that my SSS is


Thank you so much!!! ;w; I crawled beyond from the dead to give her this big thank you <3 I'm a little bit late so you'll have to forgive me, but I always look forward to SSS so much, and this SSS was DEFINITELY ONE TO REMEMBER! (Especially since I use it every day now~)

Here we have some of my favorite chocolates and some adorable special Pokemon tea!!!! THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!! AHHHHHH. And so much chocolately goodness~ Kitkats and Reeses are my favorite, so I had a blast eating it. The Pokemon tea is SO cute though, and I can't really find myself to use it.. But I gotta sometime, you know?~

Next up we have this ADORABLE knitted Pikachu pouch. It was large enough to fit my Nintendo switch in it! I've been looking for a mini pouch to carry my Let's Go! Switch and this has become the new home for my switch <3 It's so cute and plush and soft. I'm such a huge sucker for winter themed stuff too, and the little pikachus are to die for. I love all of the different styles of chus out there!

AAAAAA!!! THIS IS THE CUTEST! I LOVE anything from the Rowlett Garden!! My second SSS I believe sent me a thermos from the Rowlett Garden set and I STILL USE IT TO THIS DAY! I have been brewing my morning tea from this adorable Rowlett teapot <3 This was such an amazing gift. It took me a long time to get this post up since I saved the SSS gift until a special rainy day pick-up, and this literally made my day!!!
I remember unwrapping it and audibly saying "WOAHHHHHH!!!" and that's why my cat was staring at me from the corner.

Maybe it's kind of biased since my SSS really knew how to shop for me, but I definitely feel like I got the best SSS of the year xD I've been using / eating everything every day - minus the teabags since they're SOOOOO cute. But maybe I'll have a special day where I just decide to use the teabags, they're so cute - they have the names like "earl grey tea" on the top in cute tiny font.

This was awesome though!!! Talk about happiness! Thank you so much absintheslady <3 I love it so much. So sorry that it took forever for me to upload this - but I had SUCH a blast opening it and still enjoy it daily!! As a tired college student, I couldn't wish for anything else than an adorable pouch for my switch to carry around campus, and to start every morning with a cup of tea from my Rowlett teapot <3 Thank you!


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