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Collection monthly update, with HUGE GET!

Hey everyone! Now that I got my HUGE custom get in, I think it's time for an update! Gets will be under the cut!

Be sure to check out my collection site as well for more info about items and such!

First up, a bunch of stickers! Still waiting on a few of them to come in hand, but I figured I'd include them anyway! Lol. I'm running out of stuff to get for Hydreigon, so I've been really hoarding up on all the stickers I can get to fill up my Hydreigon line sticker journal.

I also finally got around to buying this lithograph from when fairy typing was announced for XY! The art on it is just really pretty!

Lastly, these are just art pieces I finally printed to hang around my collection. The kigu one is by myself, and the other I recieved as part of a trade by Ghoul in the discord group. I'm really happy with how it came out!

Omg, okay so I commissioned this a few months ago, and it's finally here!!! I really love how it came out, and now I can be my favorite pokemon while chilling around the house or at cons! I commissioned this from @wyndchimekigus on Instagram (also on FB). I was really nervous about doing a huge custom since the first/last one I did was a horrific experience, but she was amazing and very communicative! She really put a lot of work into this and did everything I could've asked for!

Anyway, here it is! My Shiny Hydreigon kigu! Complete with zip off hands, and zip off sleeves (since ya know, its hot as frick here in Texas).

I also finally got my bag from a kickstarter I backed, and made a hydreigon ita bag! I am now con ready!


Full Collection photo!

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