meowgic (meowgic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

US Trip Summer Sales!

I would be going on a holiday to the US in Mid May!

I'd like to take this oppourtinity to sell off the rarer bulkier/heavier/fragile items that I've been holding back on!
I'd be bringing the items to the US in my luggage so I can get better mailing prices!

Items include: illie 1:1 Vulpix, Pokepark Pichu Bro's Train Set, Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, Dragonite Bath Buddy & DX Vinyl Figure, DX Shinx Plush

Sales Permission here
Special note: For US buyers I will be mailing from LA/LV on the 14/15th May via USPS.
For international buyers
, I should be able to mail right before I leave on 12th May.

Feel free to reasonably negotiate!

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