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I'm so excited to post my first sales post! I'll be updating the post on my journal as I get more things together, but this is what I have ready so far.

-Sales permission granted on May 7th, 2019 by areica96.
PKMNCollectors Feedback
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to banned or non members.
-Prices are in USD
-Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be charged after the item is shipped and I have the exact amount of the shipping
-I am shipping from Texas and I will only ship within the US at this time. I am perfectly willing to work with middlemen.
-All items will be shipped via USPS. Smaller items and flats will be shipped in bubble mailers, however I am willing to ship them in boxes if requested (keep in mind this may increase the cost of shipping). Rarer items will be shipped in boxes.
-I will accept haggling on most items. The items I will not take haggling for will be clearly marked.
-Most items are from a a clean and smoke free home. Items that I had when I lived with a smoker will be clearly marked. I used to own dogs, so some plush may still have hair on them from when they were on display.
-I will do holds for 72 hours, otherwise payment with paypal is due in 24 hours. If that timeline is not met I will move to the next person.
-I will do short, structured payment plans for items over $100 in value. Payment plans will be done through invoice so that there is responsibility for both parties. Items will not be shipped until they are paid off.
-If your package is lost, I will offer a partial refund. All items will have tracking numbers and I will reach out to USPS before any refund is issued.
-Shipping may be a bit slow due to my work schedule. I can only ship on off-days and I usually only have one off-day a week that is during the week day.
-When a buyer has paid, I will DM them my personal email so that they can personally email me if I haven't responded on LJ. I want to ensure that anyone who is purchasing from me can reach me at any time.
-More Pictures are available if requested!



Tags: figures, gyarados, magikarp, metagross, metang, pikachu, plush, rayquaza, snivy
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