pokemoncats (pokecats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lucario Grail (welll...grail to me) Get

Sooo....I been totally after this fella for about a year. Almost landed one last year but my "on call" shifts screwed me up, and had to miss out. :(

This Lucario came from a Thailand seller I routinely deal with, and he finally arrived yesterday.

Love those hips of his lol

As far as I am concerned this will be the closest I will get to the Heartland plush so Im happy.

this Lucario bobblehead. This was frustrating. He was purchased from Y!J using buyee all the way back in January, and he made his official arrival late April. He was shipped, arrived at a supposedly wrong address after spending A LOT of time at customs, and was returned to buyee to start process all over again.I have to ask what promotion is he from?

Pumpkaboo lot. The kid figure I left wrapped because I plan on taking her back to Ohio.

Oh, and these too.

That is it for now!

Quick sales plug. Reshiram lottery figure has officially been added to regular sales. Plus many other stuff still available. Also...all my sales items will be going to storage (with care) by next week so I wont be able to do closeups as easily. If anyone interested in closeups of anything...now is the time.
Tags: lucario, pikachu, reshiram, zekrom, zorua
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