meowgic (meowgic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

1 Day Left + New Pokemon Center Singapore Jewel

~~Closed as I've left for US~~

Hi guys! It's around 24 hours left before I leave for my US trip!
I'd like to bump up these my sales post the last time! I've reduced some prices and everything is negotiable.

I managed to get my hands on the newest Singapore Jewel Pokemon Center mechandise and would like to sell it at almost no extra fees to members who have bought >$12 worth of items (excluding shipping) from me. You'll be able to get this at cost price. (I will only be rounding the items up to the nearest dollar to cover my 4 hour to and fro journey.)

(E.g. if you buy a $24 item, you can buy 2 files, max at 3 to be fair to others.)

These are Singapore Jewel Singapore exclusive items.
Clear Files x10pcs,  $3 USD Each
Magnets x2pcs,  $8 USD Each
(Priority to members who bought >$45)

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