Misty60 (kohana60) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Please help me figure out if these plush are official

Recentally I bought the easter 2018 Pikachu and Eevee plushes on ebay for around £75
It was from a Japanese seller and they did have a instagram showing they had been to the pokemon center during the easter event
However since I paid a lot I want to make sure these are official because they do have flaws to them that made me feel like they were a bit off (but I am not sure if I am just being paranoid but there is so many well done bootlegs of these so its made me confused)

Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways (I don't use this often so I don't know what I am doing lol)

Pikachu's eyes seemed odd to me the left one seemed oddly high up (not sure if that's just me being a picky but this bugged me though I did push it down after these photos so I think it looks a lot normal now)

The photos aren't the best but they do have the blush it just doesn't show up here

I was wondering if the tag was meant to say in english "Pikachu&Eievui'   s   Easter" the spacing is very weird to me

The embroidery in the left eye has flaky white bits

Thanks so much to anyone who can help
Not sure if I am just being super paranoid but I did pay a lot lol

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