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SSS 2019 - Let's Go to the Pokémon Café!

Hello everyone! I know that the spring swap this year has basically wrapped up, but I would like to share what I received in the mail last week...! I have been participating in SSS since 2014 (that means this is my 6th year in a row?!) and I'm pretty sure this marks the most memorable gift of all time.

To make things even more exciting, I took my special SSS gift to the Pokémon Café in Tokyo! We are truly living the dream over here!

Who's that Pokémon??

It's Reuniclus?!?

My jaw dropped when I saw that my gifter created an ACTUAL Reuniclus Pokédoll. I knew exactly who the gifter was when I saw the address on the package - it was none other than our moderator, areica96! I have always enjoyed seeing Areica's creations over the years, and this blob baby is no exception. Reuniclus is one of the more obscure Pokémon that I absolutely adore, yet not necessarily collect, because he simply does not have enough merchandise to collect. I love that his entire concept is based on the cell cycle, it's just so unique and fits my academic interests.

But that's not all!

Areica was kind enough to also create a Snivy head plush keychain for me as well! I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with this. Snivy is a difficult Pokémon for head-on designs! Not even Trozei was brave enough to do what Areica did, they copped out with a side profile. xD I immediately put it on my purse so that everyone knows who my Pokémon partner is on the go! (It's also winking the same exact way as my Ramuda bag charm so it was meant to be.)

I absolutely adore this card as well, I can't wait to put it on display back home where my collection still is! But for now, it's on this bookshelf, with the ramen I made in Yokohama at the Cup Noodle Museum.

Let's go to the Café, shall we?

I met up with ridi at the Pokémon Café! She brought her little Snubbull and Electrode with her, while I brought Reuniclus and Snivy!

"Smile for the camera, kids!!!"

We thought it was funny how our Pokémon were so color coordinated. So we took pictures with some of our favorite Detective Pikachu characters to keep the theme going!

Time to eat!
I ordered the special Detective Pikachu macaroni and cheese! It also came with a basket of fries! I thought the macaroni was delicious, but the Pikachu head was a bit strange. The face was made up of bread covered in various powders. The powder was pretty strong and heavily packed on top, so I was happy to just eat the macaroni below it.

You can order lattes with artwork of any of the first 151 Pokémon on top! This time I chose Charmeleon, since he was my very first favorite Pokémon as a child. I still love him. I got my Charmeleon fit plush when I arrived to Japan, but decided not to take him to the café today! I'll take him next time.

The macaroni was a pretty small portion, so I decided to get an Eevee chocolate parfait to finish off my meal. BUT HOLY ARCEUS it was huge!! The portions are either too small or too big! I could barely make a dent in it! The contents were chocolate ice-cream, coffee, coffee jelly, brownie, strawberry, blueberry, whip cream, pocky, and an Eevee cookie!

That's it! If you want to follow my adventures some more, I am pretty active on Twitter, same username. I'm so lucky to have Reuniclus on my team, big thank you again to areica96 for being so kind to me for this year's spring swap. I will treasure all of my gifts dearly.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 10.13.11 PM.png

Quick reminder that I'm still chasing after this Pokébox stamp! If anyone would be willing to sell or trade with me for it, I would be grateful!

Thank you for reading! Until next time!
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