Intro + Showing Off My Collection + Possible Mirage?

Hello all! 

My name is Hound, and I've been collecting Pokemon for coming up on 10 years. Ironically I actually cleared out much of my collection last year due to me starting university, but it's allowed me to heavily streamline my collection, so it's not so bad. Primarily I collect Starly line items (Staraptor is my favourite Pokemon of all time!) but I've also got a whole bunch of other bits and bobs; I'm heavily considering starting to collect Wimpod/Golisopod pieces, as they're a close second after the Starly line. 

Without any further ado, photos of my collection under the cut! 

Here are my pride and joy — my Starly line plushes! I only got the little Staraptor in this morning; so far as I'm aware these are the only two Staraptor plushes ever made, so I'm super happy to finally own both. :') 

To accompany them, my little figure collection! (I also collect Transformers figures; don't mind them, lol.) Sorry for the dust (and the download code for an album I bought)! 

Finally, the rest of my plushes. I'm well aware that the Umbreon and the Raikou are bootleg — they were just gifts from people who mean a lot to me, and I can't bring myself to throw them out, so they're allowed to stay. (I actually have a legit Raikou pokedoll — along ,with the rest of his trio — on the way!) I'm also not sure on the legitimacy of the Helioptile, as I actually have absolutely no memory of obtaining him or where he came from, lol. The Dragonaire is handmade — she has wire through her so she can be posed and also a keychain hook, super neat! Golisopod and Cresselia are 100% legit — Cresselia is probably the crown jewel of my collection, it took me a stupid amount of time to find one that wouldn't break the bank. (Still looking for Banpresto UFO Cresselia, too!) 

I'm well aware I've not touched on the elephant in the room — Mr. Ugly Green Squirtle. I picked him up, at a convention of all places, for dirt cheap assuming he was some kind of bootleg, because he made me laugh and I have a soft spot for strange looking plushes. 

This love for strange looking plushes will see me occasionally look for mirage plushes, just because I find them endearing. So one day I do a google search, and the very first image result? This. 

Turns out it's a cap from a YouTube video, and sure enough, this pink fellow looks mighty familiar. 

It also turns out this guy is currently listed on eBay — and the more I look, the more certain I am that Mr. Ugly Green Squirtle and the pink fellow are made from the same pattern. I've tried to match them up to an existing Squirtle to see if they're bootlegs, and so far I haven't found any that match. What do you guys think? I'm not experienced at all with mirage plushes past knowing that they exist and that they're oddly endearing, and this one has had me scratching my head, haha. 

(I also own a small handful of pins but I forgot to photograph them. They're not very interesting, though; two old Play! Pokemon promo pins, the Zygarde 100%, Mewtwo, and Kangaskhan TCG pins, and a little Glaceon dressed as Sableye pin.)

Either way, thank you ever so much for reading! I can't wait to get to know you all; apologies if I screw up a little, I haven't ever really used Livejournal, so that'll be an adventure in itself. 



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