Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for things!

Hello community!

Today I come with some wants, can anyone help me out with these items?

Most of them are Chinese and Korean exclusives, and while I'm pretty good at hunting down Japanese items, I completely fail at navigating sites in Chinese or Korean.

Listed in order of priority.

Hawlucha Korean toys (other colors and models too, if they exist)
If you're able to find a place that sells these and can help me out figure out how to buy them, I'm willing to pay a finder's fee for you, or draw you something in return. These are among my biggest grails right now!

Pyramid King Brandon/Jindai animation model sheet (settei)
I'd be interested in even just having a good quality scan of it

Rattatas custom resin statue
I discovered it too late, I was devastated to learn the preorder window was closed already.

Alolan Rattata and Raticate custom zukan

Rattata and Raticate custom zukan

Archen and Archeops custom zukan

Finally, as always I'm interested in anything you might have that features Hawlucha. Custom, official, everything goes; no mattter how big or small, if it features Hawlucha I'm interested in seeing it.

(not interested in commissioning customs right now, but willing to buy already made customs)

Tags: archen, archeops, hawlucha, rattata, wanted, wants
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