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Quick extras sales!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's spring is going well! I just have a few extras to share with you guys today. Please help find these new homes! ^^

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback link:

General Sales Rules and Guidelines:

-I ship from Knightdale, North Carolina in the United States
-I ONLY accept paypal!
-I will ship internationally! Please ask for me for a quote on shipping internationally! The US Post office has raised prices dramatically for overseas shipping. Therefore, please expect your shipping to START at $14. I know this is terrible! I wish there was something I could do about it!
-Rates for packages sent in the U.S. start at around $3.00 for both flats and non-flats (unless an envelope and stamp is ok with you and there aren't too many items).
-I give priority to quotes! If you ask for a quote, you have 24 hours to respond to whether or not you want the items still. Please use "quote for" when you ask, otherwise I will assume you are committed to the item.
-Payment is due within 24 hours unless otherwise worked out with me (ex. Can I pay Friday when I get paid?)
-I re-use bubble mailers and packaging supplies such as bubble wrap. If you have any issues with this, please let me know ahead of time- this will increase shipping however because then you are also paying for supplies.
-I am a FAST SHIPPER! I will generally have your item out in 1-2 business days! (mostly the next day)
-Haggling is OK! As long as it is within means of course!
-Holds are accepted as long as we have worked something out unique to your situation. If you do not ask for a hold, I will expect payment within 24 hours otherwise the next person in line gets the chance to purchase your item.
-I have cats! Pet hair may be around so beware!
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-friendly home.
-I do holds! Holds are done on a per-person basis. I will hold up to a week! Just let me know ahead of time how much time you need :)
-Items do not include shipping price unless stated.  A price that includes shipping is for within the United States only. If you live in another country, then please ask for a shipping price quote.
-All prices are in USD
-Shipping prices are calculated using a postal scale depending on weight and destination. Paypal fees are calculated through online calculators. The buyer is responsible for the paypal fees.


Pokemon Kids Sun & Moon New

-Popplio $5
-Brionne $6
-Litten $5 SOLD
-Torracat $6 SOLD
-Rowlet $5
-Nagisa (Lana's Eevee) $5
-Ultra Necrozma $7 SOLD
-Lunala $7 SOLD
-Shaymin $6

-Meltan SOLD
-Vikavolt $6
-Golisopod $7



(Like mini little backpack gashapon keychains. They even open up so you can store stuff in them!)

-Pikachu $5
-Snorlax $5
-Charizard $5
-Rowlet $5
-Eevee $6
-Slowpoke $6
Thank you for looking!!
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