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Big birthday collection post, Nintendo World stock, and more!

It's my birthday and I'm home sick, so what better time to do a big post?! I went to NYC this past weekend and got some sweet gets and photos of the Nintendo World stock! I've also got some long overdue collection pics!

First, New York City: Nintendo World and ThinkGeek!

I had been doing some social media sleuthing, and saw the store had been carrying a few Halloween plush up until the first few weeks of may, as well as the Pikachu silicone cake mold and ice cube molds! Unfortunately they didn't have those, nor did I see any Pokedolls, but they had some other fun stuff!

They had just gotten some of this stock, like the sleepy Snorlax, on May 10th, and were expecting more Detetcive Pikachu merch (like the patches) within the next few weeks. It was funny still seeing some Halloween and Christmas merch, and I was stoked to see the Pokemon Cookbook, too!

We also hit up the Thinkgeek Store, which had a small Pokemon section!

The household goods, including the waffle iron and cake mold, were 25% off, and the cake mold was also 50% off!

Now for my gets from the past few months!

Super cute Valentine's Day gist from my partner! She absolutely has my number with those pins and knows exactly what I like. XD

My parcel from Mikitzune! I was SO excited that Scyther finally had its second ever plush since like 1999, and it only looks a *little* derpy! I was also so thrilled with my random Pokemon bread plush pulls, so cute! And I was so thriled by all the freebie stickers she included, I absolutely love Miki's art.

I also got these before my NY trip! The hat is definitely child-sized, and barely fits an adult head, but I had no idea if an adult one would be available at the time, and I desperately wanted those silly ears. XD

This was everything my partner and I got at Nintendo World! A lot of it was gifts for friends, so we were very glad we packed an extra suitcase!

And this was everything I got for myself in NY! I was so stoked to find the adult Pikachu ears, and naturally wore them to see Detective Pikachu (like the dork I am XD).

Unfortunately, when when took the Mew Gallery Figure out of the packaging, we saw it had broken in 4 different spots! I'm pretty devastated, since we kept it in its box and treated it very carefully the entire time. That was really the only issue our entire trip, though!

And now for some very belated collection photos!

Mewtwo is one of my all-time favourite boys. I fell in love with Mewtwo and Mew during the first Pokemon movie 20+ years ago, and that passion clearly never waved! Holy heck can you find a variety of stuff, from rad poses and great modeling, to pretty derpy and meh quality. (I am still debating getting that ridiculous Detective Pikachu Mewtwo plush! XD) I try not to actively buy more of these boys, but of course with the new movie coming out, it will likely be inevitable. XD

Mew is my other long-time Pokemon love, though not quite as much as Mewtwo these days. I generally prefer the Mew plush, and a lot of them have been super cute! (Though some certainly have strong brows! XD) I just want to muddle Mew to pieces tbh.

You may be noticing a trend with me and psychic kitties! Meowstic is another case where I just want to cuddle her to bits, so I mostly have plush! She unfortunately never got a ton of merchandise, so I've been lucky to get some really lovely customs, including silicone molds, phone charms, and embroidery!

Another one of my top boys!!The photo's just missing the new Mega Construx I have yet to put together, but I'm really happy with where this collection is at. The only other item I really want is the TFG figure, which I regret not buying for 99 cents back when they were ridiculously common!

A good thunder boy! This is pretty small for a collection, and I'm okay with that! Look at how majestic and derpy they are!!!

My new and improved Caitlin collection, now with a new and improved Caitlin custom by j_degnan, who is absolutely LOVELY! I cannot get over how gorgeous this figure is, y'all! <3

All of my Pokemon clearfiles! I didn't intend to really collect these, and I don't know how to display them, but gosh are they cute!

This is probably my nerdiest collection, but I love collecting unique bags?! And the Pokemon Center has had so many unique ones over the years! The Mega Rayquaza is deifnitely my favourite!

All of my Pokemon baking molds!! I LOVE making Pokemon food, and this collection just makes me so happy! I still haven't gotten to use them all, but they've been super fun thus far!

All of my Pokemon drinkware! Unfortunately the Eeveelutions water bottle is broken and now leaks, but I'll count it anyway!

"Pokemon food keychains" is pretty specific, and a very small collection, but you can't stop me, dangit! Both of these were gifts, and they're just too cute! My friend got the Pokepuff gacha from a recent trip to Japan, and I'm still just stunned he was able to find it!

"Custom Pokemon food pins" is also pretty specific, but jeez do I love them! You can find the artists on Etsy!

I have waaaaay more stuff, some of which fits in collections and some of which doesn't, but that seems like enough for now! XD

Thanks for reading! <3

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